Star TK-2028 Counterfeit Money Currency Detector

  • Regularly check your money before accepting it to detect fake notes
  • Portable and inexpensive counterfeit money detector
  • Functions on most of major international currency bills
  • Easy to use secure and convenient for business and personal use


Product Description

The TK-2028 ultraviolet counterfeit detector provides a compact and portable counterfeit detection solution for homes, offices and businesses. The UV detection bulbs easily detect fake notes and ID cards by revealing fluorescent strips, dots and other markings that are invisible to the naked eye.

Star TK-2028 Counterfeit Money Currency Detector Features

  • Compact and small design, easy and convenient for use.
  • Help you to avoid the ultraviolet light damage your eyes directly.
  • UV light detection: ultraviolet tube, more accurate.
  • Check the authenticity of money and credit cards, trace all types of fluorescent marks.
  • Support multiple paper currency in the world.
  • Can also detect credit/debit/ID cards, passports, driving licenses and other official documents.
  • To support the currency


1. UV(ultraviolet) detection.
2. With water print check.
3. Suitable for most of the notes

TK-2028 UV Detector

  • UV(ultra violet)detection with fine visual view
  • Power supply:220V 50HZ
  • Power consumption:2*6W UV
  • Dimension:270*116*106mm
  • Net Weight:0.447KGS

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